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Sacred 6 Months and Sacred 7+

I've never been that curious about the ingredients or the products I used, not until I became a Mom. It's always a must for me that all the products I used to Aina' won't make her skin dry, or have some reactions to it. I am so eager to share with you the brand I… Continue reading Sacred 6 Months and Sacred 7+

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#IChooseLilTwinkies Silicone Weaning Spoon

Lil Twinkies Silicone Weaning Spoon is a perfect feeding partner. It features attractive fish design that helps stimulate your baby's senses and ultra-soft and flexible tip that's ideal for your baby's delicate mouth. It's made with BPA free, 100% food grade and safe materials. I will recommend this silicone weaning spoon for those baby's who… Continue reading #IChooseLilTwinkies Silicone Weaning Spoon

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Robots and Dolls – Salon for Kids and Teens + GIVEAWAY!

Some would find having a haircut a little bit more traumatic or a wonderful experience for his/her baby's milestone. At first, I must admit, I was quite hesitant to go to Salon and have somebody to cut Aina's hair but Robot and Dolls Salon is baby friendly and they make sure you will be entertained… Continue reading Robots and Dolls – Salon for Kids and Teens + GIVEAWAY!

Lactation Cookies Review

Glam Skin Manila Products Review

Some may ask regarding my "fresh and glowy" selfie picture I posted last time, could you believe these are some of the products I used in that look? Without further ado, let me introduce to you some of Glam Skin Manila's products. Oh My GlowClair Blanche is an ingredient that provides age defying, beautiful and… Continue reading Glam Skin Manila Products Review

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Unique bibs for your little ones

One of the commandments of being a mother to an infant/toddler is that you never ever leave the house with your baby in a clean outfit with no bib. The perfect baby outfit can easily be ruined if you don't bring one because obviously baby bibs are a NECESSITY. Bibs play such an important role… Continue reading Unique bibs for your little ones

Baby essentials · Lil Twinkies · Mommy finds

#IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Weaning Bowl

Lil Twinkies Anti Slip Silicone Weaning Bowl has an arch design that conveniently helps you pick up food with no spills and the no-slip suction bottom is ideal to avoid knocking the bowl over accidentally. It is made with food grade and safe material. You can be sure that your baby will get fresh and… Continue reading #IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Weaning Bowl

Lactation Cookies Review

#IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate

Never thought meal time with Aina using the Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate from Lil Twinkies is really a fun time! Back then, I really had the struggles when feeding her especially with the food she eats. It comes to the point that I would give her anything in the table like unused spoons, cover… Continue reading #IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate

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UV Care Deluxe Germ Terminator Review + Giveaway!!

Cleanliness is a top priority for me because having a baby who is almost a toddler meaning more chances of exploring herself into unwanted dirt and germs. Despite cleaning and sanitizing everything that includes; sweeping the floor, wiping the tabletops/countertops, doing mop, vacuum and spraying disinfectant spray that means nothing when you only clean the… Continue reading UV Care Deluxe Germ Terminator Review + Giveaway!!

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Playful Active and Dry Diaper and Baby Wipes Review

Parenting can really be time consuming and there will be almost no time for other chores. Good thing Playful is a brand that has Diaper and Baby Wipes in one. No need to find for another different brands in each essentials. Playful Diaper has two variants Active Clothlike and DRY with EZ Tape. Playful Active… Continue reading Playful Active and Dry Diaper and Baby Wipes Review

Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Truffles Review (Mommy and Bobby)

Never heard lactation truffles in my whole breastfeeding journey. That's why when I found out Mommy and Bobby, I was so happy. They offer guilt free chocolate treats & make sure to use quality ingredients that are beneficial to one's mind, heart and body. I'm a sucker for a chocolate truffles, may it be lactation… Continue reading Lactation Truffles Review (Mommy and Bobby)