Lactation Cookies Review

Mummigo Lactation Treats Review + Giveaway!

Breastfeeding month is not yet over especially when you have a milk addict little bub latching and latching all day long. Grateful to the growth of lactation treats here in the Philippines because you get to try on different milk booster goodies to increase your supply without feeling guilt with all the sweets.

Recently, Aina has been wanting her milk like literally every single minute of the day! Although she has a very good appetite for her solid foods, snacks, and whatnot. I can’t deny that she still breastfeeds like a newborn baby! Hahahaha.

With that, I’m feeling drained even if I take many liquids. I feel like my breast is getting drained either! Happy that I got to try Mummigo Lactation Treats to the rescue! 😊

Mummigo Munchies is a cute size bite-size treats that help you to boost your milk production. It comes with 5 flavors: chocolate, peanut cookie, carrot, oatmeal cookie, and banana. All of them have milk booster ingredients like nuts, fenugreek, moringa, oats and brewers’ yeast.

Banana Munchies

It’s like banana bread or cake topped with nuts that makes it yummier and of course, has milk booster ingredients. Aina gets to try this treat too and she loves it!

Oatmeal Cookies

It’s a simple oat cookie that has a big chunk of chocolate. I love the classic taste of this! This is a third to my favorite!

Carrot Munchies

Not fun of any carrot cake because I’m not fond of the carrot itself. But this is so yummy! It has a cream cheese that makes me love this! Aina is a sucker of a carrot vegetable that’s why she loves this!

Peanut Butter Cookies

At first, as I look at it, I thought it’s a plain chocolate crinkle with a hint of peanut butter taste! But when I got to taste it, it’s a super chewy chocolate crinkle with peanut butter inside! It is really delicious and with a generous amount of powdered sugar. This is SO GOOD and my ultimate favorite among all the flavors!

Chocolate Munchies

If you’re a chocolate and brownie lover, you’ll definitely love this! It’s like a brownie cupcake that is so fudgy and chocolatey. I love the big chunks of chocolate and how they put a generous amount of it! This is my second fave milk booster munchies!

How is it? Is it effective?

You know, lactation treats are really effective because it has milk booster ingredients. It is all up to our body how it will react with the milk production. Some mommies hate sweets and not fond of lactation treats because they find it not effective on their part. But with me, It does! I can immediately feel after eating after every meal that the flow of the milk on my breast is getting a bit hard that causes let down. I can also tell that my baby drinks lots of milk every time I munch on these goodies because I don’t feel drained anymore.

Also if you want to eat on something sweet and you’re feeling guilty because of the sugar intakes and what not. These treats are for you too! As they are a healthy snack for you and your babies too!

Every box you order, you get 15 pieces of munchies having 3 pieces each of the 5 munchie variants.

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16 thoughts on “Mummigo Lactation Treats Review + Giveaway!

  1. Mommy super bait mo na talaga lahat ng natitikman mo na lactation treats binibigyan mo din kame! Gusto ko try yung carrot munchies!


  2. Since mahilig ako sa brownies my favorite flavor among the 5 is yung chocolate munchies. Parang ang sarap sarap nya momsh. And I want to try din yung Peanut Butter Cookies nakaka excite naman yung kala mo simpleng crinkles lang pero may peanut butter pala sa loob❤


  3. Gusto ko pong matikman yung ultimate favorite mo — Peanut Butter Cookies dahil lover ako ng chocolate crinkle and peanut butter ♥️ And gusto kong matikman kung bakit mo siya naging ultimate fave 🤩 for sure if palarin ako dito eh mabubusog lalo sa milk ko ang akong tandem latchers ♥️


  4. Im EBf for my 18 months old baby boy and i love to try mummigo munchies…i love chocolate and oatmeal munchies hoping to try this😍… its big help for my breastfeeding journey.


  5. To be honest I have never tried this lactation goodies but would love to try this soon as I am exclusively breastfeeding my 4months old baby boy and this will help me increase my breastmilk. Hoping to win on your giveaway. Thank you mommy! ❤

    FB: angelle paraiso
    IG: angelleparaiso


  6. Mummigo Lactation Treats Review + Giveaway

    Hoooraay for Banana! Banana! Banana! 😍😋😋 Si Inay, lahat ng approved sa kanya, shinishare din samen! 😍 Thank you Inay for being so thoughtful 😘

    IG: @naynaynilucas


  7. To be honest I have never tried this lactation goodies but would love to try this soon as I am exclusively breastfeeding my 4months old baby boy and this will help me increase my breastmilk supply. Hoping to win on your giveaway. Thank you mommy!!! ❤

    FB: angelle paraiso
    IG: angelleparaiso


  8. Gusto ko po matikman yung banana Munchies mukhang masarap naman sila lahat pero since mahilig ako sa banana ito ang gusto kong matikman. God bless po


  9. All the munchies looked yummy and I want to try them all. I think the carrot munchies will be my favorite coz I really love carrot muffins plus it has cream cheese pa, yay! I’m also curious how the peanut will taste, it looks really unique for a lactation treat.


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