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The affordability makes me switch to QPants Now! + Surprise Giveaway!!

In this world full of overwhelming baby products that aim to give our babies comfort, it’s quite challenging to think what do we really need to consider especially now that it’s so hard to choose what’s available in our market. Maybe some of us will consider the price, the quality, the hype, how convenient for it to buy anywhere or to whatever will fit with their lifestyle.

But mine, being a practical mom who always thinks what’s best for my baby I should consider my pick to somewhat balance. My baby gets the comfort that she needs when wearing a diaper and at the same time me being satisfied as a consumer because the product that I bought is working and saves me from spending on a big amount for such waste.

Practicality is what new moms must be in to! We know how difficult motherhood is, and we don’t want other cases like this to be more complicated than other important things in life. That’s why for my lifestyle, I would go for my daughter’s comfort and the affordability of the product.

It’s really not easy to test out the brand and ended up being disappointed on how it performs until the end. Your child will just put into the trial and error phase which is so heartbreaking. Imagine, your baby getting irritated with her nappy, having rashes, feeling uncomfortable and can’t move on freely. Ohhh, that’s so sad, right? I can’t imagine seeing my daughter on that kind of case! That’s why I need to know and experience it myself for me to say it’s really worth it!

Mentioning the price of the product, it is really a big deal to consider how much it will save us right? And at the same time, we get what we want on its performance. We moms don’t want to waste our money for unnecessary things that would make us really upset in the end.

I’m really curious about this brand, QPants. I’ve been seeing this brand online and quite hesitant to try it because it is so affordable. My thinking is that maybe it’s not high quality or maybe it is made from plastic and etc.

Not until we’ve tried it today and in the coming months. I am amazed at how it is work on my toddler who is always active and has high energy.

QPants diaper positioned to provide the right balance of quality and cost. Qpants baby diapers are relatively new and unknown to the Philippine market except for Metro Manila, North and South Luzon, particularly in the areas of Laguna. The brand also is growing in terms of distribution in the said areas.  

Qpants diaper is at par with industry leaders and is comparable with EQ diapers (QPants). It has the capacity to absorb the urine for normal time use of 4-6 hours.

Among the QPants product features are – cloth-like back sheet protecting user’s skin, stretchy waistband and an absorbent core. It’s available in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

What I like about it is that it works and doesn’t get too saggy even if Aina wears it for almost 12 hours. My daughter still feels comfortable and doesn’t get any irritation.

Another thing, that it’s a plus for me is it absorbs really well. Plus the design is not too overwhelming, unlike other diapers that have a lot of prints on it. It is a simple white plain with a little design in front which you could easily know that it is the front. Also, it is so easy to see if she has poop or what. Because it is plain and you can easily determine if it has a different color already.

It has a stretchy waistband that makes it easier to wear especially with an active toddler who loves to run, walk away, crawl and what not.

Aina is still Large on her previous diaper brand. But now she wears QPants on the size XLarge and it fits her already although it is a little bit big on my experience, we don’t have any leak yet.

I like to emphasize the proper wearing of the diaper, especially on its size. It has a kilo that you can easily determine which and what size you’re baby is in to. Also, it is important to change the diaper at least every 4 hours to avoid filling it out with urine.

Aina loves to play and move around non-stop and I don’t notice anything when it comes to the hindrance of her movement and comfort. Meaning she is very comfortable with what she wears and with that, I can say that QPants is okay and good for her.

I think one thing that I want QPants to consider next time is how we will be able to throw it is it doesn’t have tape? Not the taped diaper but the built-in seal tape. So we can easily put in directly to trash and doesn’t have to look for a plastic or brown bag to throw it away and worried if it might get open or what. Because you know disposing of diaper is no easy it should be firm and tight as we throw away the soiled diaper otherwise it will smell bad and we don’t want that to happen.

If QPants is available in the mall near me, I would never look for any diaper brand because I am now okay with QPants. But in our mall today, I still haven’t seen QPants. I usually saw them online and it is really affordable and won’t break your wallet.

Example, Large that is 14 pcs is only P106. It is only roughly P7.5 each. It is really worth it right?

QPants helped me in things such as money! I found a cheaper diaper brand that really works and give my daughter the comfort that she needs. It saves me from changing the diaper from time to time because we could use one diaper the entire night until the moment she wakes up in the morning. We don’t need to change in the middle of the night.

She is always making fun and wants to wear her diaper all alone. As if she really knows how to put it in. Haha.

QPants diaper is very comparable to other brands but the advantage of this one is, this is for the budget-conscious families that really need a quality diaper and the affordable one.

Can I just say that I tested the diaper myself before having to try it to my daughter? I tested it of course when I had my period. It is very absorbent and breathable because usually when you are wearing napkin you tend to be uncomfortable and feels the heat that causes rashes too. But with this, I don’t experience any. That’s why I tried it immediately with my daughter.

Qpants makes my daughter relaxed throughout the day and more so during the night. I swear by to the superior absorbency of this diaper and keeps my daughter dry the entire day and night and we don’t need to replace her diaper every single time. Having to use a few numbers of diaper meaning more savings for me as her mother or we as her parents.

If you are wondering where to get QPants, you can check out the links below:

QPants is available in Lazada and Shopee

You can also visit QPants on Facebook and Instagram



❗️Surprise Giveaway ❗️.


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15 thoughts on “The affordability makes me switch to QPants Now! + Surprise Giveaway!!

  1. Yes momsh totoo yan lalo na pag 1st time mom lahat talaga susubukan mo sa baby mo. Me,para kong Guinea Pig yung anak ko halos lahat nasubukan ki na sakanya sa diaper, bath soap and creams. Hahaha syempre kung anong makakabuti sa kanila at kung saan sila hiyang at komportable❤


  2. To be honest ngayon ko Lang nalaman na may ganitong brand Pala ng diaper mommy, Sayo ko una nalaman to, hindi ko din kasi nakikita online (hindi ako pla tingin) gusto ko itry to mommy kasi Sabi mo cloth like ang back sheet nya, Yun kasi ang Isa sa kino consider ko din sa diaper ayoko ng plastic bukod sa mainit nakakairita pa sa balat,


  3. I tried several types/brands of diaper for my Louvy in her forst 3 months as I don’t have idea which one is good or not. I must agree it’s a trial and error when you’re a first time mom. Aside from good quality I also consider the price (alam mo na) So, as much as possible we, mommies come out with a product/brand that will tick both (Affordable and good quality) Tho, it’s the hardest to find.. ☺ Good writing mommy Joanne!


  4. Isang din akong frugal mom! So I like diapers that are inexpensive yet will not compromise my child’s well being. I’m an online shoppers for diaper and I must say that I always look for cheaper diapers, Glad that there’s Qpants diapers, relaxed baby and relax din pocket ni mommy!


  5. Wow! Thank you for tour blog mommy! I want to try QPants. Currently my baby is using EQ Pants. And I think QPants price is sulit at 7.5 pesos for XL size! And the design is not to loud, you’re correct momsh!


  6. Super true mommy! Tayong mga momsh talaga ang laging iniisip natin is what is good for our babies. And all I can say about QPants is that worth to buy. Thank you momsh for this opportunity to try this kind of diaper for my super hyper baby😂

    IG: @amarrahjeia


  7. Meron po palang ganitong diaper. Ngayon ko lang po nalaman. Gusto ko din ito itry po mommy. Sigurado sobra ding komportable ni baby ko kapag sya ay tulog o malikot na naglalaro. Very affordable pa lalo na sa price nito at sa quality. Sana po manalo kami ni MM ko sa giveaway nyo po. Gusto ko po itong pagamit din sakanya. Thanks po sa bagong kaalaman na ito about sa qpants. Godbless po.

    IG: charriebeth


  8. Wow! Thanks for this another affordable diaper brand review mommy. Palagi ko talaga sinubaybayan mga diaper reviews mo kasi I am into affordable din with high quality diapers kasi itatapon lang din naman right away. From playful, to sweet baby active dry pants, nag switch kami and good thing hindi din nagkarashes anak ko. Hoping to try this QPants too! And sana mayroon na din dito sa province namin ang brand nato. Hope this works good on my son so that we can switch too! 💙


  9. Wanna use your style too Mommy Nicole. Whenever there’s a new product that I want my baby to use, I’ll try it on myself first. Since I read a good review from you. I’d love to try this too. My daughter is a heavy wetter coz she loves to drink water from her sippy cups and we’re encouraging her also to drink lots of fluid. I’m looking for other diaper brands that can give her more comfort. I’ll visit their Lazada and Shopee soon
    IG: @merelle27


  10. Sana soon meron na sa super market or even sa mercury.😊 Gusto ko din matry yan sa bunso ko. Sobrang sensitive niya pagdating sa diaper. Ultimo pampers di niya nahiyangan. Kaya hopefully matry ko siya mommy nicole.💕


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