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FamilyDOC Free Consultation and Membership for the month of August + GIVEAWAY!!!

Don’t most of us just want to live our best lives? We want to keep our families safe and healthy. We want the place we call home to feel comforting and warm. And we want to enjoy the things we do in our spare time that’s why we need to give importance and value to our health the same way that we value other things in life. Delightful to know that FamilyDOC offers a better care not only for me but for my loved ones.

FamilyDOC is your 3 in 1 health partner because first it has it’s clinic consultation and the Doctor is in and available. Second, it has a diagnostic facilities that includes Medical Certificate Executive Packages, Annual Practical Exam and Full Digital Imaging like high quality X-ray and Ultrasound Facility. Lastly, it also has a pharmacy that offers branded and generic Medicines, Medical supplies and Vaccines.

FamilyDOC is a new chain of community-based primary care clinics, offering the combined services of a clinic, a diagnostic facility and a pharmacy all under one roof. Their purpose is to improve the health and well-being of families in communities.

FamilyDOC is under AC Health which means they are owned by the Ayala Group and Companies and partnered with other organizations like Generika, VIGOS, Med Grocer, Aide. The AC Health Management Committee is composed of diverse professionals coming from the fields of healthcare, business, finance, technology, and retail.

Their clinics staffs are Family Medicine Residents meaning they are all registered by profession. Their resident doctors are undergoing in house Family and Community Medicine Residency Program, which was accredited by the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians and is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages; the specialist is named a family physician or family doctor.


Aside from acute cases, their doctors can handle any disease of any family member. For their chronic diseases program, they have launched their Diabetes Care Program, which aims to promote awareness and management of diabetes.

What makes FamilyDOC different from the other? 

  1. At FamilyDOC, they are committed to help you get well. That is why they offer free follow-up check up within 7 days. You don’t need to pay for another consultation fee. What a great savings right?
  2. They use a customized VIGOS Electronic Medical Record system to keep your patient data safe and secure. Their doctors can access your records in all branches of FamilyDOC. You can now go to any branch because your Electronic Medical Record is always up to date from your personal information until to the doctor’s prescription and it is surely secure. VIGOS EMR can also be used for population health, which can track disease trends at a certain community.
  3. FamilyDOC is open 7 am-9pm, Monday to Saturday. They are open 6 days a week and you can come in for a lab test before work, or even see the doctor on the way home. We may not be able to choose what time sickness strikes, but they have made it easier for us to get well.
  4. FamilyDOC is just one ride away. Their clinics are conveniently located just outside your homes. With FamilyDOC, you and your loved ones are now just one ride away from a doctor, diagnostics and pharmacy.

FamilyDOC is also advocating preventive and primary health care. They regularly holding health education activities in the communities through the help of the local government and also utilizing social media to promote their advocacy. To date, they have already served over 378,000 unique patients.

In December 2015, the first two clinics were opened in Imus, Cavite and CAA Road, Las Piñas. Today, FamilyDOC has over 67 clinics located in middle-class communities like Laguna, Parañaque, Pasig, Taguig, Pateros, Quezon City, and Caloocan. They are aiming to end 2019 with 80 clinics, and 2020 with 100 clinics.  FamilyDOC aims to provide affordable quality primary healthcare for the Filipino family.

Here are all the branches and Clinic List of FamilyDOC:

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FamilyDOC Outside and Inside Facilities and Steps on what you will be doing once you go there for consultation

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We visited the One Mall Valenzuela branch. I like how accessible it is and look there’s an escalator near the clinic for those PWD, handicapped with wheel chairs or babies with strollers.

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This is their waiting area for the patients. It has a comfortable chairs, well ventilated AC and Television to keep the patients entertained while waiting. The moment you enter you must go straight to the counter and approach the clinic staff to have your name line up for consultation.


You will be asked to fill up this form for record and to have your name line up for consultation and wait for your name to be called for Vital Sign.

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Vital Sign Area is where your height and weight be measured at the same time your Blood Pressure, Temperature and Pulse. After this, wait for your name to be called again for Doctors Consultation.

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They have a mini grocery like basic necessities; food, snack, drinks, medical supplies and etc for those of the patients who are hungry and did a fasting for laboratory so that they can immediately eat after.

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This is their Extraction Area for laboratories.

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Each clinics has two consultation rooms because they have 2 family doctors. Here’s the first consultation room and the other one is the same with this one.

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This is their Imaging Room where X-Ray and Ultrasound are being made.

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Here’s the other consultation room where my consultation happened. Dra. Jean Pauline Tee is the family doctor that time I visit. She is very nice and really treat me well. Her diagnosis to me is Acute Nasopharyngitis and prescribed me with medicines that are safe for breastfeeding. She checked everything in me, asked me questions if I have allergies or what not, asked me when is my last menstruation and etc. She even compliments me for having to breastfeed Aina for 21 months now. Her diagnosis is very clear and even think of advance if it wasn’t cure with her prescribed medicines.

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She explain clearly to me her prescription on how do I take the medicines, during what time and etc. She is very accommodating and passionate on whatever she do and I admire her for that.

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Actually, all medical staffs in there are very nice and really gives me a proper information on what I need. The reception area is where the Pharmacy is located too! So that you need not to go to other drugstore just to be the prescribed medicines for you. You can immediately buy it straight from them.

How much is the Consultation Fee at FamilyDOC?

  • For first time patients, the consultation fee is Php 450 which already includes a free follow up check up within 7 days. Patients will automatically become lifetime members of FamilyDOC. Consult rate for member is Php 350, which is inclusive of a free follow-up check-up within 7 days. Their laboratory and imaging rates are at least 50% lower than other providers in the community.

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Once you fill up a form for consultation you will be asked if you want to be a member or not and as far as I can remember you will only pay for consultation because it is included already in the consultation fee. They also have Kiddie Club membership which is basically for children and has perks and discounts. Every Friday & Saturday the consultation fee will only cost Php 200.


This Month of August, FamilyDOC is having a FREE CONSULTATION AND FREE MEMBERSHIP this entire month for new patients or first time FamilyDOC visitors in all their Clinic branches. Make sure you visit them now!

For more information, you can visit FamilyDOC on Instagram , Facebook and their Website 


I’m so glad to be sharing with you this blessing because we need to take care of our health.

10 lucky followers will get a chance to win an UNLI-KONSULTA card valid for 1 year which also includes 10% off on laboratory tests and/packages.


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That’s it! This giveaway will end August 31,2019. Winners will be announced on Sept. 2, 2019 11 PM on my Instagram Story so make sure you stay tuned! .

Good luck everyone! #giveawayalert #giveawayph#giveaway

9 thoughts on “FamilyDOC Free Consultation and Membership for the month of August + GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Sobra akong impressed sa Family Doc lalo pa dun sa “free” ang follow up checkup within 7 days. Halos lahat ngayon nagmamahal na and yang free na yan eh sobrang malaking tulong. Lalo na ako na isang sahm. Mahalagang mapangalagaan natin ang ating health para tuluy-tuloy din ang pagaalaga natin sa ating pamilya.

    Ang galing ng Family Doc. Sana palarin 😊😊😊


  2. Nothing is more impressive than the free follow up check up within 7 days. I have been raising my kids for 7 years and it makes me sad that other clinics will tell you to go back after one week for follow up and of course pay the the amount needed. I mean, with all the amount you spent just to get well, you shouldve already spent that for your kids’ vitamins, fruits veggies, or for some other stuff but because they want you to pay for a follow up, even though you know your kid is already cured, and since youre a mom, you have no choice but to go back there unless you wanna be killed by your conscience if you dare not to. 😥 i was a bit fierce there sorry haha but thats true, hope they wont make it hard for people to feel better. Thanks to FamilyDoc for doing such exemplary deeds to people who are sick and wants to get better. Hands down to you guys! Oh, another thing, I love your Diabetes Care Program, my father will be very glad to know about a clinic that really cares.
    I am just so happy to know about Family Doc. As a mom of three, a daughter and a wife, nothing is more important and priceless than to see my loved ones living the most our their lives. Seeing them healthy is a great factor why i am also happy and contented with my life. If i will win this, i will give the card to my mother or father. I am thinking of giving the card to my eldest son who gets sick more often, but i realize, I am always here for my son, i can take care of him, whereas for my parents, theyre not getting any younger and my guilt kills me that i am not there to spend the rest of their lives with. My papa has diabetes, my mom has thyroid problems which until now they cant determine if its cancerous or not. If the odds will be in favor of me, either of them will surely be happy.
    God bless you family doc and mommy Nicole for sharing the love to us.
    ig: mcayemones


  3. To be honest, I haven’t tried their services yet. But reading your post I must agree that this clinic is really great for families who wish nothing but the best healthcare. I love also that they’re promoting services in such a way that can help ease us a burden during difficult times of sickness. There really is nothing greater than good health. Thank you for this giveaway and really wishing I could win for my daughter.
    igname: yce_tucker


  4. FamilyDOC really impressed me because of their computerized records of patients history like check ups and tests done with them, na accesible sa lahat ng FamilyDOC branch. Kahit saan ako magpacheck up na branch nila hindi ko kailangang magworry about my records 😊 I am also impressed about theur free follow up check up within 7days 😍 Hindi lahat ganito kaya tuwang tuwa ako dito. Another thing why I am really impressed to them is because they are so generous, giving us a chance to have a 1 YEAR UNLI-Consulta to them. Plus their staffs are very nice to their patients unlike sa ibang clinic and hospital. I know how they took care of their patients nicely kasi nakikita ko pag pinapacheck up ung pamangkin ko. 😊😇

    HEALTH IS WEALTH. For me it is really important to take care of our health because it usually gives us a better quality of life. Lalo na sa akin bilang isang ina at asawa. I need to take of myself for me to take good care of my loved ones too. For me to have more energy to do more, and for me to become free from stress. Prevention is better than cure, kaya bakit pa natin hihintayin na magkasakit tau, if we can take care of our health diba? 😊

    iG: @reinloves


  5. Napaka importante talaga ng kalusugan para sa atin Lalo na sa anak natin kaya ang swerte ng mananalo dito at ng may malapit na family doc clinic..
    Goodluck everyone..


  6. I really love that they have advocacy on preventive and primary health, they have pwd-friendly facilities, and that registration for my birthday month is free so definitely will encourage my family to visit the nearest FamilyDoc clinic from our place. Health is wealth, indeed that if you want longevity of your life which means more time with your family and love ones ones must start investing for it.


  7. I was so impress by family doc from the facilities to staff !Eto kasi ang maganda yung comportable ka sa tumitingin sa buong family mo,maganda ang mga services at mababait ang staff.We should take really good care of our health lalo nantayong mommies para mas maalagaan din natin ang buong pamikya natin ng mas mahabang panahon .


  8. Sobrang amaze ako sa family doc kasi aminin natin bihira ka makakita ng hospital/clinic na aasikasuhin ka like a VIP dito kasi ma a at home ka, hindi ka maii Lang sa mga staff and doctors kasi mababa it silang lahat. We should take care of ourself para Mas madami pa tayong time to bond with our family specially sa kids natin


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