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Booming Milk Tea Craze all over the places

No doubt that we Filipinos rank as second highest bubble tea drinkers in Southeast Asia because it becomes a trend, craze, addiction, and favorites. How much more if you have lots of Milk Tea shop near your subdivision vicinity.

One day, this Milk Tea shop named ”Anteadote” really caught my attention. Not just we personally know who the owner is but it is near our place, their prices are affordable, their store is always a full house and the design of the shop.

As we visit the Milk Tea shop called ”AnTEadote”, I came across their menu and I’ve seen that their price list is way affordable than the others. From their drinks, meals, teas, and a snack I find it all worth the price.

Some of my favorites that I get to try are their

Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Choco Malt Milk Tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Red Velvet Cream Puff, and

their Classic Bubble Waffle which is my super favorite among their snacks. It is so affordable and the waffle is so huge with its price. One thing that makes me disappointed is their Fries, I think they need to work more on that.

But their Nachos is great for snacking! Always good to pair with a Milk tea as it both taste better together.

Even my toddler likes it too!

Also, my daughter’s favorite drink is their Unicorn Series drink! It is a 2 toned color changing tea drink that comes and best with a popping boba. She loves it when the boba pop inside her mouth it makes her giddy excited!

I find it really convenient when there is a Milk Tea Shop nearby my place because when you crave in the middle of the night it is so easy to go in there without hassle. Bonus that they also deliver through Allading Delivery Services and get your drinks with just one message away! Of course, it has additional minimal charges but why not right? You get your cup of satisfaction in the comfort of your own home. That’s awesome!

They also help to conserve and save our mother earth by offering Reusable cups and get discounts if you use it on your next purchase.

AnTEAdote also offers milk tea packages service which is very in right now especially on events like Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions, and etc.

Going back, let’s all support local businesses like this. Even if there are so many booming milk tea places all over the vicinity or all over the places. Let’s not forget to support locally for them to get into the trend, for them to reach more local communities and with that, we support a dream.

Visit AnTEAdote and have a good time! You can check out their Instagram and Facebook for daily updates and promos!

3 thoughts on “Booming Milk Tea Craze all over the places

  1. Napawow ako 😍 bihira lang kasi ako makabili ng milktea and snack that looks so good like that. Super yes ako sa thought of supporting local businesses. ❤️ Support our own.


  2. Never tried bubble wrapper gusto ko yan maitry mommy. Ang galing may tower sila ng milk tea? Mauubos ko yan kahit ako Lang bigyan nila ako ng 1 hour hahaha


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