1 Yr Blog Anniversary · Honest motherhood

A year a go I started on Blogging and Now I became more honest… + One of a kind GIVEAWAY!

Exactly, a year ago I finally convinced myself to start on a Blog where I can write and share my experiences through writing (I’m not saying that I’m good at it but somehow I’m learning every step of the way) because I’m too shy and hesitant to start on a Vlog and do videos that’s why you will rarely see me doing videos especially when the camera is facing me. I better do time lapse or do a video of someone else rather than myself. You may be wondering WHY and WHAT is the reason behind before I started on Blogging. Well, it’s like this… Honestly, motherhood came into my life surprisingly. I just graduated from College where I found out I’m pregnant! Ooooh, my life goes down and slow down in a bit. I haven’t practiced what I’ve finished yet and then this? I’m a consistent honor student back then and then this? I graduated in a University with Latin Honor CUM LAUDE and then this? I was quite disappointed with myself then. BUT moving on, along through my pregnancy journey that has been a roller coaster ride as well. As I go along motherhood, I’ve learned to enjoy every single moment by simply looking and searching for baby’s stuff, gears and needs, finding on what I need from maternity to breastfeeding and everything in between is really therapeutic for me even up to now! HAHA. It was a bit challenging but it’s really not hard especially when you have your loved ones and family with you. Laboratory, hospital check-ups, ultrasounds and simply meeting to my OB are just so fulfilling and happy. Come to the day that I will give birth, labor was so chill at first but became very painful afterward to the extent that I decided to have epidural anesthesia and vividly glad to normal the delivery (Kudos to my super talented and hands down to my OB!) and welcome a bouncing baby girl! My life changed. All my sacrifices are worth it! Fast forward to how newborn babies really are. Specifically with my daughter, during her first weeks… Being a first-time mommy, I’m so exhausted and tired that time because of late night sleeps, unli latching, the pain of breastfeeding, being a hands-on mom and PPD (Post Partum Depression) Yes! PPD! I experienced PPD… I told to myself my baby is growing up too fast and I’m just stuck with what I do. To name a few being with her 24/7, hands-on mom, chores and the list goes on and on so many more. One night, I was really crying while putting my newborn to sleep and at the same time breastfeeding her. I was on a high fever that time too! I noticed I feel weak and has no knowledge about everything. I feel unimportant. I feel useless. I feel worthless. I feel like I’m doing what I do over and over again. I feel like I easily forget on something, I feel like I’m not new with the trend, I feel like I was bombarded with motherhood, I feel like I was alone in raising my daughter, I feel like motherhood is not a role for me, I feel like I was left alone, I feel every piece of negativity in this world that time SERIOUSLY which leads me to my thinking to start on a Blog. For me to at least practice my English language more, for me to enhance my knowledge through writing, for me to meet new mom friends in a mom community, for me to train my mind to not become more forgetful, for me to become more organized in planning, for me to meet and discover awesome brands that will help me more through motherhood journey, for me to fully help those who are in need of tips in motherhood, for me to share the tips and hacks I know that works for me and that might help you too, for me to fully encourage mothers to breastfeed their baby, for me to help breastfeeding moms on how to boost their milk supply, for me to have an outlet to speak out, for me to motivate other moms to be a mindful mom, for me to influence others with what’s worth their money or what, for me to let everyone know what’s worth to try or not, for me to hopefully infect others with positivity and joy of being a mother, for me to spread on good vibes, for me to somehow be productive in a way, for me to become worthy being a stay at home mom and for me to uplift those really down mommy’s to embrace motherhood’s beauty. AND SO FORTH. Eventually, I found peace and comfort through sharing and connecting with other moms. I never experience this kind of fulfillment that Motherhood brings. I know to myself that I need more learning in my life as well that’s why I’m super thankful to all of you in our mom community because I am also learning through your simplest way of action. With that, I no longer feel all the feelings I’ve felt that time because I knew that I am not alone in this journey and because I have somebody to talk to and that’s you. A year goes by, and now I’m so glad and happy that I did it! That I did Blogging which I’m so hesitant at first! And that I still continue doing what I am doing even up to now because this is what makes me happy… To share, to influence, to encourage, to infect and hopefully to inspire.

There goes on the short story, oh should I say it short? HAHA, Short story on how I decided to start on and pursue Blogging.

On my blog and social media posts, you used to see my reviews, verdict, mommy events, beauty and skincare related, all about motherhood, girly, fashion, breastfeeding, lifestyle, food and giveaways. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys for being there with me! I know you look up to many and thousands of people or celebrities but considering reading, following, dropping by, reacting, liking, commenting, and sending me message really means a lot to me! Knowing that I am just a simple girl who wants to pass on what I know that would benefit a lot is really really overwhelming. Bonus all the opportunities and brands trusting me and their generosity for sharing with you what I get into them is just really WOW. THANKFUL FOR EVERY BIT OF YOU ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO STAYED, FOR YOU WHO READ EVEN UP TO HERE AND NEVER JUDGE ME!!❤️❤️❤️

Enough with the dramas but that’s the reality and now, let’s move on! 🤩

As I’ve said to my previous Instagram Story, I’ve handled lots of giveaways already and I want my 1st year Blogging Anniversary really different and special. I want this to be more interacting.

One lucky mom will be chosen at the end of the month and will receive a surprise gift from me and an exciting announcement! HINT: You and your kids will definitely love this for sure! ❤️


1. I want you to select or pick a random or your favorite photo of me or me with Aina that you really like and admire and share it in your feed.

2. Put a caption or your message to me (Let me know for example, how did you know my Instagram account? What brought you here and reading my blog? What are the items or stuff that I get to influence you in buying? What recommendations, tips, and hacks of mine that you are continuously doing or sharing with others too? What do you think is that I need to improve? What criticism do you see in me? What else do you want me to share? How did I and Aina touch your lives? And ETC.)

3. Along with your entry don’t forget the hashtag #JoanneNicoleReyes1YrBlogAnniv so I can easily see your entries!

4. Lastly, your say or take away about this blog “A year ago I started on Blogging and Now I became more honest…” COMMENT it BOTH on my blog and in the comment section here and TAG 2 of your mommy friends to join this exciting giveaway of mine!

I’ll choose the best touching and one of a kind entry at the end of the month. ❤️

That’s it! Join now because this will be the best fun and exciting giveaway I am handling!!

Good luck everyone! ❤️

28 thoughts on “A year a go I started on Blogging and Now I became more honest… + One of a kind GIVEAWAY!

  1. Yay! naachieve kong tapusin kahit kinukulit ako ng bata rito dahil gustong maligo sa ulan. 😂 I’ll leave a comment later na related na sa mechanics.. for now magbbrainstorm muna ko. Hahahaha! okay lang po bang tagalog? 😅

    @mrssibayan37.crey 💛


  2. Hi Mommy @joannenicolereyes!
    Happy 1st anniversary! 😍 Achievement unlocked!
    Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

    Reading your post makes me reminisce my ups and downs while going through this journey called motherhood.

    I agree! It is NOT a joke not even a walk in the park. Motherhood is a rollercoaster ride. The moment I learned I’m having a baby, I was so excited. I can’t contain my happiness. I felt so blessed. I wanted to share the good news right away. Until I realized and now I understand that motherhood is about responsibility. Motherhood means juggling everything all at once, alone. I repeat ALONE! Most of the time alone. 😪😔

    Motherhood means unconditional love, service, and sacrifice. Let me repeat the word sacrifice. 😂😅

    Motherhood means total transformation. From a simple human being into a super duper empowered human. From mom to magician. Mom as chef, nurse, yaya, nutritionist, doctor, teacher, tutor, janitress, name it!

    But as we enjoy the journey, we learn that motherhood is a wonderful gift. Motherhood makes us happy, contented, and truly blessed. Motherhood makes us complete.

    What you shared was heartfelt. I see myself in you. I feel your pain, your struggles, and your heartaches. We share the same shoes, my dear. Maybe, one of the reasons why I got so interested and followed you on IG. We don’t know each other personally but our mommy-hearts do. Just remember, in this journey called motherhood, WE ARE NOT ALONE! 👭👭👭👭👭👭

    Thanks for the MOMspiration! 😊

    It’s a wonderful feeling, getting to know someone who you can relate to and who can understand the why’s and what’s and how’s and if’s of life and motherhood. 😍

    Thank you! 😊


    1. Hi mommy! Thank you for this. 😊 Also please follow the giveaway mechanics carefully so I can count on your entry. ❤️


      1. @joannenicolereyes
        I congratulate you for coming up with a blog. With this, you were able to share the best of you wholeheartedly. As a mom, I become even more inspired to be the best and do my super best-est for my family every single day. Thanks for sharing your family, your daughter, your home, your story, and part of your life to mommies like us. We are learning a lot from you!

        Cheers to more inspiring stories and more and more blog posts to come! 🎉🎉🎉


    2. Una sa lahat happy blogversary Mommy Nicole. Ang mga blogs mo ay inspirayon sa aming lahat na tulad mong mommies at nakikilala ka namin ng mabuti dahil sa pagsusulat mo about your motherhood journey at naeengganyo din kami sa mga produkto na nirereview mo. Pagpatuloy mo lang momsh, God bless you. Congratulations! ❤❤❤


  3. “A year goes by, and now I’m so glad and happy that I did it! That I did Blogging which I’m so hesitant at first! And that I still continue doing what I am doing even up to now because this is what makes me happy… To share, to influence, to encourage, to infect and hopefully to inspire.”
    Indeed momsh Joanne. 😊 I am one of those you inspired to be better. Sharing your thoughts and knowledge on people you don’t really know personally and inspiring them to be better? That means there’s really something good on you. And I really admire you for that, lalo’t super approachable mo momsh.
    Your questions on your blogversary is answered by “God has a better plan for you. Aina came earlier than expected because having her, sharing your knowledge, and inspiring lots of people suits you the best.” 😊 Looking at your photos with Aina, feeling ko there’s no dull moment kapag together kayo. ❤️ Keep doing what makes you happy momsh! We’ll be your support sytem! 😊 God bless!


  4. First of all, Happy 1st Blog Anniversary mommy! ❤ I never knew we have the same story pala on how our motherhood started. Mine was like a roller coaster too. Hindi man madali at first pero kinakaya at kakayanin pa din para sa chikiting natin. I believe God has a better plans for us that’s why our chikitings came earlier for us to be more inspired with what we are doing right now. 😊

    Thank you for the inspiration Mommy!
    Cheers to more blog anniversaries ahead! ❤


    1. I also became a mom at an early age, and I understand the disappointment you felt with yourself wben you got pregnant. You’re lucky that you discocered blogging and found new friends. During my time walang ganito and so it was really hard for me to gain my self respect. Pero my happiness is my child who gave me strength. Happy blogsary! 😍


  5. Happy Anniversary! Your post me remember why I started blogging some 10 years ago. I love re-reading my old posts, seeing my boys grow in each posts was heart warming. Cheers to you and may the Lord continue to inspire you to share your experiences through blogging!


  6. I can relate to your motherhood story since that’s what happened to me too. I got pregnant with my first born and found out after graduating from college. Though I was able to still work, I know the feeling of disappointments. But all these years, God has been so faithful! Like you, I learned to enjoy every moment of my Mom Journey. God will always equip us to do the task to which He has called us to do.

    Happy #BlogAnniversary to you and all the best on your journey.


  7. Happy 1st Bloggiversary Mommy! Congratulations to you and it’s nice to know you really found blogging as a “home”


  8. Congratulations and cheers to more years of blogging!

    It was really no easy feat being a mother. It is a tidal wave of emotions, feeling of being inadequate, and whatnot. Finding an outlet and a safe haven in blogging is half the battle won. Just keep going, mum!


  9. Hi momsh. Happy blogsarry. Alam mo momsh. Same tayo I graduated College and eto si Baby aaliyah ko dumating. Actually pangalawa na sana siya momsh. But suddenly, I had miscarriage. Months passed and I got pregnant again. Hindi ako nakamarcha momsh, yung thesis ko patapos na syempre sa sobrang eager na matapos yon at makagraduate mommy ko nagasikaso. Kase maselan ako non momsh. You know what nagkaroon pako ng Brown Discharge at may dugong lumabas sakin. Akala ko makukunan nako momsh. Akala ko mawawala ulit baby lo sakin. 3months momsh 3 months akong bed rest pero sa awa ng diyos para sakin tlva si Aaliyah and then the day na manganganak nako momsh akala ko kukunin nanaman siya sakin. All of my ultrasounds from the first month up to last ok naman. Lahat daw normal sa pagdating ng araw naglabour ako momsh from 4am to 2pm and sumabog panubigan ko and I rushed to Center and sabi nila na paa daw nauna kay baby and di ako makapaniwala momsh hindi tlga!! Sabi nila pag naiire ko daw si aaliyah ko lalabas paa lalawit at mamamatay 💔💔💔 momsh napakaheartbreak sakin non. 9 months and then ganon. Dali dali kaming pumunta sa Provincial Hospital momsh kasi di naman namin tlga kaya sa Private. Nagantay pako ng ilang minuto habang nasakit yung tiyan ko and di ko maiwasang mapaire. Hawak hawak ko rosary ko at patuloy na nagdadasal na wag kukunin si aaliyah sakin. Tinatagan ko loob ko momsh nilabanan ko takot ko. Patuloy ko lang pinipigilan na umire. Naramdaman ko pa siya na gumalaw sa may private part ko kala ko lalabas na siya. Hinihintay nalang mga gamit ko mon momsh and I will deliver to Operating Room. And yet, dali dali na nila ako dinala don nakampante nako at safe na baby aaliyah ko. Hays momsh GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US momsh. And now nagaaral ako preparing for board exam. Di pa huli ang lahat momsh. Hindi pa ❤❤ Thankyou Ms.JoanneNicoleReyes for sharing your story to us and giving this opportunity. GODBLESS ❤❤

    IG: grmnvllgsslsd


  10. Hi Mamsh Nicole, first of all.. Happy 1st blogversary, more blogs, giveaways, motherhood tips to come, keep on inspiring us.. 🙂 It’s not easy to be a Mom
    talaga lalo na sa naging experience mo, but look at you now, you’re one of the successful & pretty Mommy bloggers that I know. You have a good heart, kaya stay always strong, I know Aina will be very proud at you and say.. Mommy ko Yan!🥰 huggggssss mamsh, GOD BLESS always!


  11. Congrats on your 1st anniversary Mommy Joanne! I am happy that you did start blogging, that you had the courage and that you made time to do all of this for a year now while still being a very hands-on mom and bf your lovely daughter. I can relate on your struggles with PPD as well as your reasons why you started blogging as I’ve also dreamt of starting my own personal blog about my motherhood journey as a way to cope with PPD and to have a sense of normalcy in this new phase in my life, but unlike you I still haven’t started. I still want to but I don’t know if I’ll ever had that courage but I hope one day I could. I hope I can manage my time well and do more things for my self and finally able to start somewhere. I thank mommy bloggers like you whom I can relate to and somehow talk to even if it’s just a few exchanges of comments only. Keep writing and sharing your journey.


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