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Nimble Babies Travel Collection Review + Giveaway!

Traveling might look easy for some individuals but once you become a mom traveling is hard but I must say it’s wonderful and fulfilling. Knowing myself I don’t wanna have a hard time cleaning my daughter’s basic needs, so glad that I brought with me the Nimble Babies Travel Collection as it comes in very handy and effective to use.


  • Ideal for cleaning up after children on-the-go
  • Plant-based, naturally-derived cleaning solutions
  • Travel size bottles under 100 ml, suitable for carry-on luggage
  • A combination of cleaning products for baby bottles, clothes, and surfaces
  • Makes sticky residues and stains a thing of the past

The complete plant-based travel cleaning collection – keeping your little ones clean and free from nasties when you’re out and about.

All our award-winning products in one!

Travel Cleaning Collection contains a complete range of award-winning cleaning products packaged in light and easy to store packaging for when you’re traveling.

Each one contains a special formula using plant-based ingredients to safely deal with everyday messes while you’re on the road – without resorting to harsh chemicals. It’s the perfect pre-holiday gift for parents and out-and-about families.

We’ve included our three cleaning products in one travel box:


  • Milk Buster: Our unique plant-based solution gently removes milk fat and protein from plastic, leaving it safe and clean (Contains: 60ml)

Powered by plant-based cleaning ingredients: alkyl polyglucoside, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium gluconate, citric acid. Others: water and phenoxyethanol. 

  • Sticky Stopper: Our natural disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs using plant-based ingredients. It speedily removes sticky and greasy residues from a range of surfaces (Contains: 60ml)

Powered by plant-based ingredients: sodium laureth sulphate (coco-based) and lactic acid (natural disinfectant from fermented corn). Others: Water

  • Laundry Lover: Our lovely laundry detergent is full of naturally-derived ingredients making it gentle on the skin and tough on stains (Contains: 100ml)

Powered by plant-based ingredients: pareth-7, sodium olefin sulfonate, trisodium citrate, glycerol, potassium cocoate.  Others: water, sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate, sodium cumene sulphonate, Phenoxyethanol, sodium carboxymethyl inulin, parfum, polyvinylpyrrolidone. 

Why choose Nimble?

They use plant-based cleaning ingredients in all their products which work as well as the heavy-duty alternatives.


They use plant-based ingredients in all their products which are far gentler than the heavy-duty alternatives.


Their products are easy to use and clean up mess fast.


They have selected the right tools for targeting different kinds of splotches, stains, and stickiness.

Their founder Von Sy had spent ten years working as a chemist for one the world’s leading consumer products companies when his first niece was born. Looking into the ingredients in some of his niece’s cleaning products, he was shocked by how harsh those chemicals were.

More often than not, these products are made with petroleum-based chemicals that have been heavily modified to deliver incremental improvements in lab tests. Von decided he wanted to make child-friendly cleaning products powered by plant-based ingredients that are handpicked to match the things that need cleaning, and that’s where the idea for Nimble came from. At Nimble, they believe cleaning products around the house don’t need to be overly formulated with heavy-duty industrial ingredients that are potentially harmful and toxic – especially for young children.

They are on a mission to unleash clean using plant-based products which let babies grow, learn and play in safe environments. Join us on that journey!

Overall thoughts:

I’m so thankful that I got to figure out this brand that got all your needs in a travel collection! Because you know, it’s hard to bring bulky containers especially if its many. But with this one, it doesn’t take much space on your luggage.

I’ve used them on my recent trip and overall satisfied with their performance.

First, the Milk Buster, I don’t use feeding bottle for Aina since we are on direct breastfeeding. But I use this on her sippy cup, I don’t bring bottle brush with me to clean her sippy cup. All I have is the Milk Buster from Nimble Babies. It is so easy to use. I just spray 2x of the product inside the sippy cup and put a little bit of water and just shake it and Voila! All done and looks squeaky clean! No unnecessary and inappropriate smell left.

Second, the Sticky Stopper, I am obsessed with a multipurpose spray because I have used lots when we are at home. So happy that I found a travel-friendly size, which I use to clean the floor in our room during our recent travel. I just spray it directly in the floor and wipe it with a tissue or a wet wipes. I remember bringing this when we eat out and borrow a highchair on a restaurant, I immediately spray and wipe her chair to clean and remove dirt and bacteria. I’m thinking of bringing this with me all the time like in groceries, mall and etc. Because it’s better than safe than never! Remember, clean doesn’t mean safe.

Lastly, the Laundry Lover, I overpacked things when we travel but instances are there’s one thing that I really forgot to bring. Glad that I brought with me this handy laundry lover that works and gentle on babies skin. I forgot to bring a spare back towel which we need for Aina since we travel and explore the city under the scorching heat of the sun. So as soon as we got home, I already wash the towel using this. It is very useful and great on removing stains and odor. This will be very useful specifically this laundry lover product from Nimble Babies not only for moms but for those of the people who love traveling. Truth to be told, that we people forget. The example is when you left or forgot to bring extra underwear, having this to the rescue is so convenient! Right? Nothing to worry about if you bring a travel size laundry detergent with you!

I cannot express how thankful I am to travel size collection like this. It is so useful and very handy! Come to think of it, I am not using bottles for Aina’s Milk. What more if I use right? I would be really obsessed and literally, swear by these products!

You can visit and check out Nimble Babies on their Facebook Instagram and in their Website


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13 thoughts on “Nimble Babies Travel Collection Review + Giveaway!

  1. Whoa! Definitely a travel must-have! Didn’t even know that stuff like this exist! So convenient. 💜 I love the sticky stopper. Hoping to win and try this.


  2. Probably loved all of them but if I where to choose, I love the Sticky Stopper. Since my baby is at the stage where she loves to make some mess LOL I even bought two products; spray for her stuff toys and a sanitizer spray and I didn’t know that in Nimble they have the multipurpose spray and it comes in handy so you can bring ANYWHERE. Looking forward to this product and no need to buy two or more.


  3. For me my favorite among the 3 is the “Sticky Stopper” because as an “oc mom” seeing that it speedily removes sticky and greasy residues from a range of surfaces and naturally disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs . but I think all of 3 is nice. sana mtry ko to ❤

    ig: mommymajo


  4. I love to try the Milk Buster. Because baby bottles are our baby’s main source of milk (except for breastfeeding moms), we wanted that their bottles are always clean wherever we go. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these products and hoping to try them soon too.


  5. May mga ganito palang travel must-haves Mommy. Dalawa na anak ko pero sayo ko lang nalaman ito 😊 based on what i have read on your blog, all 3 of them are really useful. Ang pinaka-bet or favorite ko aming the three ay yung Sticky Stopper. I agree with you na pwedeng pwede ito dalhin anywhere. Lalo na kung ang baby ay mahilig magligalig at maghawak ng kung anu ano. Isang spray lang malilinis na kung ano man ang kanyang upuan or hawakan, nasa bahay man or nasa galaan.


  6. These travel must have made me go gaga! As a mom of 2 yrs old kid I always wish to have a very light travel bags with a complete content. And I feel like it’s a bit impossible, until I saw and have read your reviews on it. Haaay.. wishing to have one too especially the MILK BUSTER. Coz’ I swear i always wish that cleaning my son’s feeding bottle on travel doesn’t have to take with me a dishwashing liquid and a bottle brush. Kapag nanay na rin kasi hindi lang 3 yung must haves natin kapag aalis. HAHA nagiging 10 must haves na. Minsan may list pa. Pero syempre tatlo sa importante para sakin ay yung extra clothes, mga pampabusog and yung pangproper hygiene(diapers, wipes, alcohol, etc) Mahirap kapag maraming bitbit plus bitbit pa yung anak. So thanks for the essential kits like this.. ❤️


    1. Actually all of them are travel must have for a first time mom like me. Of the three, I would choose the MILK BUSTER. Every mom knows the struggle of removing milk residue on our baby’s feeding bottle. It is really time consuming. Instead of mom-baby play time it will be minutes of mom vs. Fats and protein on my daughter’s feeding bottle. But now that I learned how efficient the Milk Buster is… It is now my new favorite. Before, just to ensure that my daughter’s bottle are squeaky clean, I would use salt and baking soda aside from the store bought baby bottle cleaners. Now, I’m sooo excited to try it! All I have to do is spray, wooahh.. Sounds amazing! Hoping to win the giveaway. 😍


  7. Sticky stopper for sure will be my favorite though i haven’t tried it yet. But for my little one who always puts everythingg in her mouth makes me want to join this giveaway hehe.


  8. Thanks for sharing your reviews mommy joanne, This will help alot to us moms! All of the products are very helpful but the one that stands out is the “Sticky stopper” I really hate it whenever I see or feel stickiness and greasiness, It has an uneasy feeling. So I know sticky stopper would probably help alot since it is also an on the go product.

    Ig: @carlacastroperez14


  9. Yay. Kakatuwa its a nice reveiw mamsh super laking tulong nitong travel kit na to para sa mga nanay like me. 😊


  10. My super favorite is the Milk Buster! In just few sprays goodbye odor and milk protein which are really difficult (as in sooo hard) to remove using a regular cleaner. Cleaning feeding bottles takes most of my time as a mom but now, milk buster to the rescue. I’m super excited to have one!


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