Lactation Cookies Review

Milk and Mama Lactation Treats Review + Giveaway!!!


Two of the major needs of a baby is Milk and Mama. (Excuse me, dads ✌🏻) Sometimes no matter how willing other moms are to purely breastfeed their babies, some of them just don’t have enough to give their milk-hungry little ones. But I am lucky to exclusively breastfeed my daughter for almost 18 months now and still no signs of weaning I am not those mom’s who lack when it comes to milk supply and a good thing also that more options are available now aside from the usually known soups and malunggay, lactation supplements and taking lots of hydration. We, mom’s, can also indulge and spoil ourselves with milk boosters treats to enhance our liquid gold.

Milk and mama offers a delicious lactation and non-lactation goodies. They offer a different kind of flavored desserts and are originally based from Biñan Laguna.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I love how it taste like a little bit of a coconut. It has a coconut hint of flavor. I love how chewy it is! I like the chocolate chip as it really compliments to the oatmeal flavor. You can literally see the big chunks of chocolate chip which I really love!



It is a combination of a brownie and a cookie. It really matches the flavor. It taste so fudgey and chewy! I love how big the brookie is! You can really be full upon eating one. Downside I see with this one is its too fudgey, you can’t take it away from the ref for a long time because it will literally melts.

Overall, it tastes good and yummy! It is really boob filling. How did I knew that it is effective? I no longer pump or collect milk let downs because I find my breast milk stable for my daughter’s appetite and needs. But I noticed every time I munched on the treats from Milk and Mama, I experienced a massive let down which makes my breast a little heavier than usual. So I suppose that’s the effectiveness of this treats to me! I also observed that every time I try to hand express my milk it is really creamier now compare to not taking in lactation treats like this.

You can visit Milk and Mama on Facebook and Instagram



Three lucky breastfeeding mommies will get a chance to win a Sampler Set Lactation Goodies from @milkandmama



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Good luck everyone! ❤️ #giveawayalert #giveawayph #giveaway

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