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Hack to keep your Baby to Sleep Through out the Night ft. EcostorePH Bubble Bath + Giveaway!!!

I know most moms are still struggling through lots of sleepless nights especially those who have newborn babies. But as I experienced to my Daughter Aina back when she was still a newborn, it only took us around a month experiencing sleepless nights. During her two months, her sleeping schedule becomes naturally normal. Meaning she already knows the day and night. She has a quick naps time during the day while a long straight sleep during the night.

But come to the nights where she still has lots of energy, I make sure I put essential oils to help her have a better sleep. Little did I know that we already have a brand here in the Philippines that carries a wide range of products for your home and body care that are safer for you, your family and our world, which is Ecostore.

Ecostore is the #1 sustainable brand in New Zealand. Ecostore makes it easy for us to choose safer, effective products to care for your family’s home and health — made with respect for the environment. Their household cleaners, laundry, body care, skincare, baby care and oral care products are cruelty free, and made from naturally derived ingredients that they have selected because they are safer and more sustainable.

Safer for you

Their plant and mineral-based products let us and our family choose a better tomorrow, and keep harmful chemicals out of your home. It’s hard to know what’s in the products we buy every day to care for our skin or to clean our home, which is why they have worked really hard to make safer products that we can trust.

Although they have access to thousands of ingredients, they are guided by the precautionary principle. If there’s any doubt about an ingredient’s safety, they’ll look for a safer alternative.

Kinder to the planet

From ingredient sourcing to their own carbon neutral factory and renewable sugar plastic packaging, they’re kinder to the planet at every step – and constantly improving their processes to save energy and resources, and reduce waste. They choose sustainable, biodegradable plant and mineral-based ingredients over petrochemicals. Each product is also compatible with septic tanks and grey water systems.

It amazed me how their packaging bottle is made from sugarcane! It is really safer for our environment.

Sugar plastic

Their sugar plastic bottles made from sugarcane reduce our carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable through municipal facilities.

By choosing products packaged in sugar plastic bottles, they are helping to protect the environment for future generations. That’s because they’re made from a renewable, sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic that fights climate change by capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere as it grows.

They also use recyclable FSC cardboard to package our laundry detergent powder, soaps, skincare and oral care ranges. 

Overall Thoughts

Bathing is a fun added the bubbles to make it more fun. Aina enjoyed her bath time because she likes bubbles so much. This is also good for sensitive skin and great for our baby’s delicate skin. What I like about the Bubble bath is the scent! It has a little something like lavender oil kind of scent which I think that’s the aroma that can make your baby have a great sleep through the night. Lavender can also help to soothe Eczema and dry skin conditions.

With my experience with Aina, every time we use this before night time she really has a good sleep. Before she used to wake up every 3-4 hours to ask for breastmilk but now she can sleep all throughout the night and wake up the next morning. So far I am loving this product and I want to share the goodness of this to you guys. You can use my code ”NICOLE15” to get a 15% off when you purchase in Lazada. Such a great deal!!

See for yourself and visit Ecostore on Instagram and Lazada



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