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Bigger and Brighter Healthy Options SM Megamall

I have to admit it when I was in search of Aina’s solid foods during her first 6 months I have no idea but Healthy Options. I knew I had to look for whole organic/vegan/gluten-free/natural and healthy stuff. But of course, I can’t deny the fact that prices at SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, Puregold, and other popular grocery chain stores are cheaper. However, goods offered at Healthy Options are very incomparable in terms of the value they provide.  I, myself may not be considered as 100% health conscious but I always lean towards anything organic, natural and healthy when it comes to what I eat or drink. Ultimately, it all comes down to making healthier choices even if it is a small step to myself and my family as my top priority.

Did you know that the first Healthy Options here in the Philippines was in Shangrila Mall Plaza way back 1995? Today, Healthy Options owns and operates over 32 stores in key cities nationwide. Healthy Options first opened in Megamall on October 2000 at only 100sqm and expanded the store last May 2014 and October 2015. With the continuous intention of providing a wider selection of all-natural and organic products, Healthy Options has finally relocated to a bigger and brighter location on the 24th of May 2019 at 300sqm! The newer, more vibrant store can be found on Level 2 of Building B, just across its old location near the parking area.

I know it will take just a bit more time before I finally switch to an organic-based life but yup small steps matters. In this world full of artificial ingredients, your best bet is to check out what Healthy Options offers.
These are what I bought on the Healthy Options Opening last Wednesday:
1. Yum Earth Gummy Bears Php 49 each – I got this because Aina likes gummy bears so much especially those that are being sold inside the mall kiosk. I’m guilty whenever I bought her that kind of stuff and I’m surprised she likes this tho it has an after taste. I got two small pieces perfect for small bags and would like to bring one when we travel next month.
2. Woodstock Organic Whole Cashews Php 585 – My mom, dad and I love cashews! So I decided to get these instead. It’s not that too salty which is perfect for snacking or topping on your salads, smoothies, and yogurts.
3. Wild Garden Hummus Dip Php 249 – I got this personally for my dad who always craves for this kind of dip! Basically, it’s a garbanzo bean dip if you’re wondering.
4. Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Tea Php 329 – I got this too for my dad who likes this tea as it is good for those who are taking in dialysis. He said!
5. Happy Baby Superfood Puffs Php 275 – Before I used to buy the ones in a small pack, but I think this is more convenient to bring because it comes in a container with a cover. Perfect for toddlers and babies who tend to move around! This is perfect as their snack!
6. Second Nature Roasted Pistachios Php 795 – Mom requested for this so I better got it! It’s my family’s favorite snack! Not much salty even my daughter likes it.
7. Almond Biscuits Php 295 – I heard this to one of the youtuber, and I want to try it myself. Because I love munching on some biscuits so this one is perfect because it is low sugar and low fat as well.
8. EnviroKidz Organic Choco Chimps Php 375 – Got this for Aina because she’s been into cereals for breakfast. This one is guilt free even though it is chocolate and I personally like it too.
9. Milkmakers Lactation Cookie Bites Php 259 – I got this for myself because I got curious it is the only one left in the box so I guess it is really best seller and effective! I am a sucker for any lactation cookies so I wouldn’t miss this! It is so yummy and I was surprised when I read that it is recommended by Lactation Consultant! I have yet to discover the effectiveness but I’ll get back to this soon.
10. Popcorners White Cheddar Php 149 – The only chips I got! Of course, I must get the best seller ones! This is my now my favorite chips!! So yummy in a healthy way!! 😋
11. Cadia Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Php 365 – I’ve been craving for granola and so I got this for myself. I can’t wait to devour the goodness of this! Perfect for breastfeeding moms who always gets hungry and for those who like oatmeal so much… You guys should try this!
12. Organic Whole Strawberries Php 375 – Love making smoothies and munching on strawberries that why I got it. It’s yummy and healthy on oatmeal as a topping, great for fruits in your yogurt and of course good in shaking smoothies.
Great haul right? I love all the stuffs I got. Do you too? 🙂
Healthy Options SM Megamall is much bigger and more organized compared to the other branches that they have. Hopefully, they get to improved all their branches nationwide too. So since it’s big and spacious, it carries a wider array of products to choose from and makes shopping more comfortable and easier. The shopping aisle is so wide and great to maneuver their shopping carts it allows us to easily explore around, discover interesting products to try and look for items that we need. Once you’ll step in the store, you can see right away the different sections that they have named, grocery, chilled & frozen, farm produce, supplements, informative books, baby and kids and natural beauty.

Anyway, here are some of the photos and see what else in store for you!

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Have you been to any of the branches of Healthy Options? Which one is your favorite?

Head over to Healthy Options Megamall store now and enjoy and explore their big, bright, and beautiful store. They have your favorite all-natural items ready and waiting!




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