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My RedDoorz Experience + Giveaway!!!

One thing I always look forward to whenever there’s a long weekend or holiday is ofcourse vacation! Not to mention the long drives (but I love long drives esp. when you’re with your loved ones) and traffic dilemma, bonus the affordability!

Speaking of, we just spent our Mother’s Day in RedDoorz Premium Property near Greenbelt. Oh so inlove with the place! We had a great time in there and we really enjoy each and every moment.

Here’s why you need to take in to consider going to RedDoorz to have a staycay.

Why you should put RedDoorz in your list on your next staycation?

1. Clean, quiet and huge room

I’m in awe upon seeing our room! First thing comes in my mind, my little kiddo will love it here for sure! The room is so spacious that Aina can really move around and explore here and there. Space is so huge and the place is so quiet! Everything was so clean and neat even the bathroom.

2. Complete facilities and toiletries

When it comes to facilities, they have a mini bar that contains coffee, water, coffee mug, stirring spoon and thermos. They also have a small refrigerator. For the toiletries, it comes with the RedDoorz Pouch that contains comb, cotton buds, toothbrush, toothpaste and a complimentary candy.

3. Affordability

Of course it is a plus to stay in a hotel with only cheap price. But of course, to get what you pay for. All RedDoorz Property have different rates depends always on the area or place. Imagine you can have a staycation with as low as Php 700. What a deal!! Their rates usually starts from Php 700 to less than Php 4000. Really wow!!

4. Staffs were accommodating

I remember when I was checking in, I was writing the information and the staff assigned that time is looking for my baby from far away while I write. Because she’s roaming around the lobby when I was busy checking in. Also, when I noticed that there is no body wash in the bathroom I immediately approach the staff in their hallway then he does the job of putting in some body wash on our CR. Good service! 👍🏻

5. Accessible

All RedDoorz Property is accessible. Most of them are near the malls and you can just put your RedDoorz property on your Google Maps or Waze and they will lead you in your area. They have the nearest convenient store and also when you plan to just commute going there or not they provide parking space and mode of transportation is easy.

6. Comfortable

Any place in the room you’d feel very comfy and safe. We even choose to stay on the floor knowing that we have a lot of beds and sofa to stay with! Every corner of the room you’d feel happy and relax. You can chill and watch movies or just spend lovely moments with the family.

If there’s a good feedback, I should tell you honestly the negative that I observed and see for myself:

1. Poor Wifi Connection

They have WiFi but the signal is too poor particularly RedDoorz Property near Greenbelt. I just used my data during our entire stay. Hopefully they’ll improve on this one!

2. TV Remote Control and Aircon Remote Control

They do have controls but it’s not functioning. I’m not sure if it is a low battery or what. Maybe they can change the remote unit as well.

3. Elevator has no AC

Humidity outside, never you wanna experience humid going up to your room right? So I guess their Elevator needs lots of improvement particular the AC.

We had a great stay at RedDoorz and We will surely come back and visit lots of their Property around the places.

You can check out RedDoorz by downloading their Mobile app and visit their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram

Are you tired of the traffic situations and just wanted to instantly rest without having to solve the dilemma and the hustle and bustle of commuting? Are you planning for a staycation but somehow contemplating to go or not because you’re considering the travel time away from home and the affordability? .


Worry no more! Because @reddoorzph is a platform offering budget hotel accommodations in Southeast Asia that have over a hundred properties here in the Philippines! Mostly located in prime locations like near the malls that’s why it’s very convenient to have a staycay without compromising something. .


Download and Explore their Mobile App > RedDoorz and Would you believe that despite their affordability they also have a Premium RedDoorz properties which I am so excited to try this upcoming Mother’s Day! .


To book and explore download their Mobile App > RedDoorz or click this link and use my code to get 10% off ”NICOLERD10” valid until June 3, 2019 in selected RedDoorz Property only. BOOK NOW! .


And if you’re reading up to this point, GIVEAWAY ALERT! Together with RedDoorz, we have teamed up to give you an overnight stay with your mom, wife or family! 🥰😍 .


To join the giveaway, mechanics are: .


1. DOWNLOAD their Mobile App > RedDoorz .


2. FOLLOW and LIKE @joannenicolereyes and @reddoorzph Philippines on Facebook and Instagram .


3. COMMENT down below ”Why yourself, your mom, your wife or your family deserves a staycation?” COMMENT or SEND me a message of your screenshot of the downloaded app and TAG (3) of your friends to join the giveaway with you! .


4. BONUS ENTRY: If you REPOST the photo in your feed and UPLOAD it in your story using the hashtag #JoanneNicoleXRedDoorzPH #MayRedDoorzParaSaLahat and #RedDoorzPH


One with the most touching answer will win an overnight stay to any chosen RedDoorz Property. Deadline of the submission of entries is May 20, 2019. Announcement of the winner will be the day after on my Instagram. So stay tuned for updates and like what I’ve always said, keep on engaging with my posts! 😊 .


Good luck everyone and Advance Happy Mothers Day Mommies! 💖❤️💖 #giveaway

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