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First Gallon Milk Tea in Meycauayan

Are you a milk tea addict? Are you a milk tea lover? Are you the type of person that at the end of the day you feel sad and uncomfortable whenever there’s no milk tea in your bellies? Are you always thirsty at the same time has a serious craving for milk tea? Then, the Gallon Milk Tea trend is for you!

Even before the Gallon Milk Tea hype, Filipinos has an intense craze with Milk Tea! Some will literally fall in line to taste the newly opened Milk Tea shop. Some will just try the new trending flavors. That’s why milk tea shops and stalls are all over the Metro and even in provincial areas.

Why choose Gallon Milk Tea? Imagine if you buy milk tea in the malls, one drink will cost you more than a hundred. While with the Gallon Milk Tea, it has 12- 18 servings that you get to enjoy and share with your whole family or squad.

Example: One regular serving size of Milk Tea, let us assume is Php 100. While the Gallon Milk Tea, that has 12-18 servings is Php 700. The Php 700 Milk Tea is only 7 milk tea drinks if you buy it in the malls. So, it’s true that you will save double if you choose Gallon Milk Tea over the regular one.

So, Where is the First ever Gallon Milk Tea in Meycauayan? It is located in Paps Compound Malhacan Meycauayan Bulacan. The name of the shop is Tealogy Milk Tea. They have a wide range of flavors with the regular and the usual Milk Tea sizes. But with the Gallon Milk Tea, they only have 2 flavors: Wintermelon and Naicha. When you order a Gallon Milk Tea, it has a Pearl and Nata already but it is separate with the Milk Tea itself to prevent and avoid spoilage. How much? Gallon Milk Tea cost Php 700 including 1 container of Tapioca Pearls and 1 container of Nata Crystals. It can serve up to 12 – 18 servings. Is it also available in other Tealogy Milk Tea branches? No. Only in Tealogy Milk Tea Paps Compound, Meycauayan Bulacan.

How is it taste?

It tastes delicious! It is truly refreshing up to the last sip! It is really a thrist quencher perfect for those who have an intense craze for Milk Tea. It will really satisfy the tastebuds of a hungry fanatic of Milk Tea. The good thing about this is, you get to make your own kind of Milk Tea. You can add as many pearls and data as you want. Or if you have Oreos and Graham at home, you can experiment and make your own type of Milk Tea drink. Also, you can watch videos on how to make the salt and cream cheese foam that you can add as toppings for your milk tea. So many fun ways to enjoy the Gallon Milk Tea especially and always best when it is shared with your loved ones.

You can check out Tealogy Milk Tea on their Facebook and Instagram You can check their contact details on their Facebook page to order in advance or to check the availability of the Gallon Milk Tea

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