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Colds were gone in a day hacks

Probably you’re wondering how colds can be possibly gone in a day? Sounds impossible right? But let me share with you the hacks that have been working with me for almost three months now. (Disclaimer, what works for me might not works for you and vice versa so better consult to your physician.)

We all know that’s it’s very humid and hot in our country right now and our kids are prone to have colds and flu during this season because of hot humidity so we ended up opening our air conditioner for us to at least feel cold despite the temperature outside.

With that, kids more often to have colds/flu because of hot and cold temperature. Some may feel a little bit under the weather, headache, dizziness, heatstroke and so on.

I will be sharing with you the hacks that I have been using and it works like a miracle for me ever since I had Aina. So, I noticed that every time I used this kind of magic… After a day or two, her colds and flu are already gone!

First, I make sure that she drinks a lot of water. Sometimes I also incorporate orange juice as her fluid drink for some added vitamin C. Second, I make sure that she doesn’t go outside the hot humidity and inside the room if the aircon is turned on. What I mean is, ”yung labas pasok”. Third, I make sure she doesn’t get perspiration. Fourth, I let her drink Disudrin drops every 6 hours for her to have some relief during the clogged and runny nose and so that her upper airway is free because it helps decongest sinus openings and passages. Fifth, every night after a bath I put her some Euky Bear Rub (Eucalyptus Chest Rub) on her back and chest. I massage it and she really has a good sleep every time I put that Rub.

With this, guaranteed no interrupted sleep because of difficulty of breathing. I also tried using this Chest Rub to my husband and it works for him as well. He feels relief and his head colds and muscular pain went away and gone!

Euky Bear Rub (Eucalyptus Chest Rub)

50grams, Php495

  • Rubbed into the chest, neck or feet this soothing rub provides therapeutic vapors which help clear a stuffy nose, soothes the throat and eases coughs
  • Helps breathe easier and sleep better
  • Relieves muscular pains and aches
  • Can be used as a soothing balm for minor insect bites
  • Can be used as an inhalant for steam therapy

What I also like about this product is that it is good for sensitive skin which is most likely the babies are more sensitive right?

Euky Bearub is available in Mothercare and Rustans. Also available online in Lazada and in their Instagram and Facebook

That smile when she feels relief!!! Aaaaahh swear by this product!

So that’s it! I hope you learn something from this as I share my hack about how my baby’s colds were gone after a day! How about you do you have a hack whenever your baby has colds? Feel free to comment down below.

10 thoughts on “Colds were gone in a day hacks

  1. Thanks for this hacks Mommy Joanne. Ang mga inay talaga gagawin lahat kahit anong way marelieve lang ang kahit anong sakit meron mga anak natin. Sana matry ko rin ang product na to sa daughter ko.
    IG: @merelle27


  2. Thank you mommy Joanne sa another hack para mawala agad ang colds and flu ng mga bagets. This is very helpful to us kasi minsan sa sobrang taranta mo hindi mo na alam ang gagawin if magkaroon sila ng sakit. I prefer talaga sa home remedy pero if hindi na talaga mawala yung sakit much better if dalhin na ang baby sa doctor. Don’t forget to follow @joannenicolereyes come and join us sa giveaways niya!!!😍❤


  3. Kapag may colds si baby I put a vicks baby rub on his/her under feet. Then I put a slice of potato on it. Then lalagyan ko ng medyas. Overnight yun. When you placed it under your feet, these nutrients spread through your body to kill bacteria and viruses. Kapag morning na makikita mong maitim yung potato. Then I put onions beside of my babies. Much better sa organic remedy kesa painumin agad sila ng synthetic medicines.❤ Come and join us mga momshie! #JoaineNataliaXEukyBearub


  4. Its my first time to read your blog thanks for sharing and giving wonderful tips.
    Super nakakaparanoid whenever magkakasakit ang babies and seems this product van really do wonders for your lo, Im actually not familiar of this brand and Im using a menthol like product from Human nature whenever lo has colds and cough but I def will try this. Thanks again momsh Joanne. ♥


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