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#IChooseLilTwinkies Magic UV Wand Sanitizer

Clean is not the same as sterilized or sanitized. Sometimes I thought that things are well cleaned when it is washed with soap but naaah. It may look clean to the naked eye but invisible microorganisms can be growing at alarming rates. It can be accumulated to levels that are shockingly scary.

Magic UV Wand Sanitizer


  • Features automatic time settings to 5/15/30 min.
  • has automatic temporary shut-off switch when faced up for human eye safety
  • Can be used on various surfaces such as toys, pacifiers, empty baby bottles, teethers, playpens, etc
  • Portable size for on-the-go mom

For bottle and toy sterilization using UV germicidal tech

Chemical-free approach to deactivating the DNA of various bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens

I’ve been continuously using this on Aina’s feeding tools such as the spoon, sippy cups, plate, and bowl. It makes me feel safe and unworried knowing that the feeding tools for my baby are well sanitized and sterilized.

What I like about this is it has a bag which you can bring anywhere you go. It comes very handily and useful. I also like that the UV light has cover to put into if not use.

This is a good investment and much cheaper, unlike any other UV Wand Sanitizer. The price is only Php 1,799.75

For those of you who are interested in getting this Magic UV Wand Sanitizer from Lil Twinkies, you can visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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