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Velvet Tint by Beauty and Grace

Velvet tints have been all over the internet and boomed when the most raved “Peripera Airy Ink Velvet” launched and loved by many. Nevertheless, this blog is not about that brand. It’s about the local made Velvet Tint which was sent to me by Beauty and Grace.

They have 3 shades of their Velvet tint: Patience, Faith, and Trust. But I only got to try two: Patience and Faith.

Patience is a mauvey to nude pink kind of shade. It compliments Filipina skin tone. Can be used as a girly to demure kind of look.

The application is so easy. You may think that it is dry to look on the tube but it doesn’t when you apply it on your lips. It’s easy to apply and the pigmentation is strong. Both work well on my cheeks and lip as a velvet tint. It stays on my cheeks as a blush for a maximum of 6 hours no retouch. But for the lips, it doesn’t last long. You really need to touch up especially when you eat oily foods. It’s like semi-matte that’s why it can still transfer.

As you can see it’s a little bit shiny but it feels somehow velvety on the lips.

Faith is more of a reddish brown kind of shade. It looks good on Morena skin tone. Also if you put this shade as your blush. It’s a perfect sunkissed look because if you blend it on to your cheeks it turned a little orangey more like a scarlet.

Packaging comes with a doe-foot wand applicator makes it easier to dispense and apply. I’m happy that both shades are wearable and will surely look so nice in every Filipina skin tone.

Grab your Velvet Tints and visit Beauty and Grace MNL on Instagram

 So far, what’s your favorite shade among the two? 😍





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