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#IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate

Never thought meal time with Aina using the Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate from Lil Twinkies is really a fun time!

Back then, I really had the struggles when feeding her especially with the food she eats. It comes to the point that I would give her anything in the table like unused spoons, cover of the mug, chips, container just for her to play with that and for me to feed her continously without distractions. She likes to play even while eating. I know it’s not good but I think it’s her way of making fun to herself. Because if I will not play with her as well while feeding. The ending would be she will just leave her high chair and refuse to eat even more.

But I noticed ever since I used this Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate, she really pays attention to her food. Maybe its her period of adjusting to use those spoon and fork all by herself.

Here’s the three meals I prepare for her and she really enjoys it.

Nilaga Rice with chopped potato & cabbage as well as meat and soup. On the sides, she has papaya as her fruit and Jelly Ace as her dessert snack.

Patola soup with miswa and rice and a ground meat. On the sides, she has a peeled grapes and papaya as her fruits.

Chicken Afritada Rice with Carrots and Potato, Steamed Veggies & Butter Brocolli and Peeled Grapes for her fruits.

So far, thats the sample pattern of her meal and she’s loving it. I always make sure I incorporate fruits in her meal to make it more balanced and healthy. She usually finish all her prepared food with a burp!

That’s why, I have been loving this Silicone Dish Plate from Lil Twinkies. I must say, this brought a huge difference to Aina’s feeding time! Not only that it’s so easy to clean, it has a four grid design for a well balanced diet, it’s BPA free and the suction is really good cos it does the job so well. It has 4 color selections: pink, blue, green and teal. It retails for only Php. 799.75

You can visit and order yours at Lil Twinkies in their Instagram Facebook and Website

One thought on “#IChooseLilTwinkies Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate

  1. Will keep this one in mind! Looked at their page and I love the teal & blue one. Grabe excited na to teach her how to eat, kahit na she’s just 25 days old today hahahaha!


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