Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Truffles Review (Mommy and Bobby)

Never heard lactation truffles in my whole breastfeeding journey. That’s why when I found out Mommy and Bobby, I was so happy. They offer guilt free chocolate treats & make sure to use quality ingredients that are beneficial to one’s mind, heart and body. I’m a sucker for a chocolate truffles, may it be lactation or non lactation.

I remember back then, I am so fan of making oreo cheesecake truffles. And really got addicted to it that I even sell it online. Mommy and Bobby truffles reminds me of my kind of truffles but this one a lactation version.

Available by Dozen or Half-dozen:

Lactation Peanut Butter Truffle

Lactation Dark Chocolate Truffle

Non-lactation Peanut Butter Truffle

Non-lactation Dark Chocolate Truffle


Talking about the effectivity this is a full snack for the boob. It contains the usual galactagogues like rolled oats, chia and flax seed that can really increase your milk supply. Although, if you are ordering a dozen of truffles I doubt if you’re not gonna finish it on one seating because it’s so good that you can’t really tell if its lactation truffles or not.

I am inlove with their Lactation Truffles! It is something to die for. 😊

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