Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Treats Review (Milking Bombs by ABC)

Milking Bombs by ABC is probably the most famous lactation treats here in the Philippines. Lactation Treats are definitely mom’s breastfriend and the person behind this are Bettina Carlos, Clinton Carlos and Mia.

Milking Bombs comes in different variants and all of them are absolutely delicious! I can even eat everything in one seating. That’s how good their treats are! Plus the milking bomb claims that guaranteed let down after 30 minutes of consumption. And I was like holy moly yes it’s darn true and I’m already 13 months exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl and still leaking.

First, is my favorite! Or I must say everyone’s favorite. The Milking Bombs Classic, it is a cookie sandwich glued by a chocolate hazelnut spread. I love this so much and its very addicting that makes you want to eat more. So soft and chewy, sure that every bite there’s a goodness of chocolate and all those galactagogues!

Second, is the Crink Oats. It is a dark crinkle cookie with lots of rolled oats. It also has a chunk of chocolates and cashew. I love the combination of this.

This is not the usual crinkles that are covered with peotranco sugar. It is also soft, chewy and full! Unlike those other crinkles that if it is not too hard, its too airy.

Third, is the Chocnut Brownies. It is also a soft and chewy brownies added a twist of CHOCNUT to make it more appealing.

I like how very pinoy these brownies are! That they encorporated one of the easy to grab pinoy chocolate in the supermarkets today.

Lastly, and I believe their latest in their Milking Bombs Goodies is the Malunggay Pandecitos. There’s also lots of malunggay pandesal in the market today.

What makes this Milking Bomb Lactation Malunggay Pandecitos special is that fresh malunggay leaves are being used because of their malunggay plantation. They used muscovado sugar btw. And I like how full, moist, soft and very “siksik” this pandecitos!!

This Malunggay Pandecitos are not only for breastfeeding moms but also for those ordinary people who wants malunggay pandesal on their usual because it is very healthy and will makes you full after 2-3 pieces of it.

Nourishing our babies the best way possible through breastfeeding makes it way more easier with the help of these milking bombs.

You can get yours through the link in their bio on Instagram

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