Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Cookies Review (MomsConfection)

Lactation cookies are all the rage at the moment so I wanted to share my favorite “Momma – Oomph Cookies”. It is basically a classic chocolate chip batter recipe added my desired flavor, nuts and chocolate plus the milk booster. Commonly known as Red Velvet Cookies. Daaaaang , I am so obsessed with any red velvet. May it be cakes, cookies, biscuits, or frappe. That’s why I am so happy that Moms Confection offers a “Custom Your Cookie” variant. And I just can’t help but really munch on her Momma – Oomph Cookies! They are really damn good! Promise, you should try it!

You can really see the superfoods milk boosting galactagogues in the cookies. It is chewy and chunky. The sweetness is perfect!

They also sent me some samples of vegan cookies for me to try. But so far, the red velvet one is my favorite!!

With regards to effectivity, I’m overwhelmed at how effective they are! Upon eating one cookie, I experience let downs. My shirt has milk leaked! And it triggers my let downs. Everytime my baby latches, I experience let downs within 5 minutes. That was fast! Before I usually experience let downs within a matter of 15-20 mins. That’s why I swear by this cookies! Imagine I only eat 1 then I got to trigger my letdowns and experience milk leaked what more if I follow and eat 2-3 cookies a day?

Moms Confection also sells non lactation cookies, loafs and cakes. She has a very cute and creative designs when it comes to her cakes. You can visit and order in their Instagram and Facebook

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