Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Cookies Review (Sweet Bree’s)

Sweets are my breastfriends. Everytime I eat sweets, it makes me happy and when a momma is happy meaning more milk for baby. What more if it is a lactation sweets?

So glad I got to try Sweet Bree’s Lactation Cookies. I really love how soft and yummy their cookies. It’s easy to eat because it’s almost a bite size. Perfect for mommies who are always hungry and at the same time always on the go!

I have no more milk stash for my daughter. Unlike before, I really have an abundant milk supply that I even donated to many low supply mommies and in NICU. I stopped collecting milk because I want to focus on giving my daughter all the milk that she really deserves. Having said that eating the cookies for almost 3 days straight and I feel like my boob is producing more. And I am happy, I’d be able to pump using my silicone pump and collect milk that has 2-3 oz. Which is really perfect whenever I have quick errands and won’t be able to bring my Daughter with me. Atleast I don’t have to worry that I still have milk when I leave her.

So yeah, this cookies are chunky and makes my mommy heart happy. That I am able to increase my milk production for the future errands. Thank God for milk booster treats that really helps! Like this little bliss in every bite.

If you want to order and know the price you can visit their Instagram here.

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