Lactation Cookies Review

Lactation Cookies Review (Mommytreats)


All of us have our own struggles in life. May it be low milk supply, motherhood, no yaya/helper, financially, communications, social life, and mentioning all the shortcomings in life may bring. But at the end of the day, it is only ourselves that would really help us in our challenges in life. We all know that we want to be a perfect mom, perfect dad and a perfect parents to our children. But there are no such thing as perfect, it is only the REALEST that matters. It takes so much determination to be able to surpass the responsibilities of a motherhood. I just want to point out that we all deserve to be love and treated well no matter how many difficulties life may bring. It is important to embrace the beauty of motherhood and take those challenges into something that will keep you better in the future. One good example is by simply treating yourself like this lactation goodies from Mommy treats.

You know after a long tiring day of being a stay at home mom and hands on mom to my daughter, I always look forward to having some ME time by having a Mommy treats.

Plain and Peppermint Lactation Brownies

Their brownies are my super food while breastfeeding! It really helps boost my milk supply and I noticed that my milk became creamier. It’s super moist and soooo good that I can actually finish my 1 week supply in just 3 days or less plus I wouldn’t worry about getting so much calories because every treats has only 150 calories.


Assorted Cookies

This satisfy my intense craving for cookies! But the good thing is this is not so sweet just enough to taste one of the realest galactagogues which is Rolled Oats.

Lactation Choco Spoons

I’m amazed with this choco spoons. You can eat it alone, or mix in half a mug of hot water, milk, or decaf coffee.


Lactation Muffin Bites: Carrot Walnut

With this one, I am not a fan of carrot walnut but surprisingly I finished this carrot muffin bites in 1 day.

Super happy I got to try Mommy Treats it does boost my liquid gold because I noticed an intense milk leakage on my shirt. I’m looking forward to try their Macarons, Choco Crisp Clusters and their Spoonful Ice cream soon.

You can check them in their Facebook , Instagram and ofcourse their Website


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